Loudoun County, Virginia (Stations 13 - Academy) - Mike Sanders

This is the county's reserve squad, Rescue 680. The 2007 Pierce Dash was originally Rescue 603 in Middleburg where the stripes were painted yellow. In November of 2010, it transferred to Aldie Station 7 where it was Rescue 607, Aldie's first heavy squad. In 2012, it became the county reserve squad - Rescue 680.

I have had trouble tracking this one down. Each time I thought it was at the Training Center or the Ashburn county shop it turned out it was filling in at a station. While photographing some of the Training Center apparatus in November of 2012, I was told that R-680 was filling in at Rescue Station 13 in Leesburg.

After photographing many fire and rescue apparatus throughout Loudoun County stations, I have come to the conclusion that Station 13 is the most difficult to get photos. The crew was great moving the Pierce around.....the tight turns, not a lot of room to turn around, and somehow me always showing up with the sun on the opposite side presents challenges. Again, a great crew willing to take the time to move around the apparatus makes for an acceptable photograph.