Loudoun County, Virginia (Stations 13 - Academy) - Mike Sanders

Rescue 620 from Loudoun County's Leesburg station is a 2009 Pierce Lance, with job number 21515. This was originally Rescue 613 from the Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad. During 2015, Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad ended heavy rescue operations, and the 2009 Pierce Lance needed a new station. Rescue 620 was established on July 30, 2015 and began running from Station 20 in Leesburg. A reserve county squad was used (Rescue 680) while the 2009 Pierce Lance was modified for its new role at Station 20 - compartments were revised, striping color change, some new graphics, and LED lights were some of the revisions. On October 28, 2015, the 2009 took over Rescue 620 duties and was placed into service. This photograph was taken shortly after that date next to Fire Station 20.