Loudoun County, Virginia (Stations 1 - 12) - Mike Sanders

SERV 611 is Sterling's multi-purpose truck. In addition to providing "SERV" duties, it has been equipped with a brush skid package to help fight outside and smaller fires.

The 2002 Ford F450 with a Knapheide body originally entered service as SERV 18 in Cascades. When the department purchased a newer 2005 Ford F550/Knapheide, this Ford was re-assigned to Station 11 as SERV 611.

In 2008, a brush skid package was purchased from Vigilant Brush Equipment in New York and SERV 611 is equipped with a 400 gpm pump, carries 250 gallons of water, and 10 gallons of foam.

This truck eluded me for quite some time before I was finally able to photograph it in October of 2011 near Fire Station 11.